I work with people, businesses, and organisations with a positive social purpose. I help discover and introduce new ways to organise, and to lead – increasing resilience and opening a space for innovation, development and growth.

Together we find ways to address practical problems such as:

And through this work build new strengths and capabilities.

I coach, mediate, and facilitate. I bring significant experience of agile and self-managed working, especially in digital settings. Of Sociocracy and consent-based decision-making, of Action Learning and Open Space. Of peer-to-peer learning.

Nearly 25 years ago I left my role as a manager in a very large US tech company (part of HP) to join a tech startup with a social purpose. Since then I've worked with many different kinds of organisation: large (the BBC, the World Bank), small (startups and SMEs), and alternative (coops, employee-owned businesses, social enterprises, and charities).

As well as supporting many businesses, I have also 'dived in' – I've been Director and Chair of a purposeful SME, a startup MD, and I've worked in several launch teams delivering under time and financial pressure. I've also written a little about new ways to lead and organise – see e.g. 'Leading Mindfully', 'Four Skills of Dialogic OD' etc.