We all know 'culture eats strategy for breakfast'. But how to get beyond the theory, and the hype? How do you develop a culture that increases resilience and opens a space for innovation and growth? While, at the same time, dealing with practical problems.

I can help you explore new approaches to change and leadership, and find your way. I help teams learn, improve communication, and work together on:

I have spent most of my working life helping people deal with the realities of self-management and agile working, especially in digital settings.

Nearly 25 years ago I left my role as a manager in a very large US tech company to join a tech startup with a social purpose. Since then I have often ‘dived in’ – as Director and Chair of an SME, a startup MD, and I've been in several launch teams.

I've also coached and supported hundreds of teams and leaders, in many kinds of organisation: corporate, SME, employee-owned, co-ops, social enterprise, and charity. Today, I work exclusively with businesses and people who have a social purpose of some kind.

I bring practical experience of purposeful, collaborative working. Of consent-based decision-making (as used in Sociocracy and Holacracy), Action Learning, and Open Space.

If you want to know more, see the book 'Leading Mindfully', or some of my articles and papers including 'Four Skills of Dialogic OD', ‘Conscious Business - Impact and Implications for HR and OD’ etc. Or drop me a line.